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Leave the chaos behind at Tangram House. We’ve designed living spaces that are sensibly defined by clean, elegant lines that maximize space and light — where attention to every detail welcomes you into a calming energy. The result is the tranquil balance one feels when they can care for their whole self — mind, body and spirit — all in one place.

Aesthetically rooted in Asian architecture and philosophy, creating a contemporary retreat that’s both well-crafted and timelessly elegant, Tangram House sets an unprecedented standard for living in Flushing, and beyond.

在 Tangram House, 抛开喧闹。我们设计的居住空间巧妙地利用俐落、优雅的线条,最大限度地提高空间运用和采光。每个微小细节都能让您感受到平静的能量并达到宁静的平衡,让您感受到身、心融为一体。从东方建筑风格和哲学得到的美学灵感,打造一个精心设计和永恒优雅的现代休闲寓所, Tangram House 竖立了一个在法拉盛前所未有的居住标准。

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Transcend Expectations



The Details

Inspired Homes


The genius of our bathrooms and kitchens begins and ends with custom cabinetry from Doimo, a three-generation Italian company selected for their renowned craftsmanship and forward-thinking design that goes beyond trends for a timeless aesthetic.

Their fine attention to detail, an understanding of space, and an appreciation for a harmonious design that brings a perfect blend of style and utility to your home. A truly unique partnership for a truly special home.

浴室和厨房的定制家具从始至终,是意大利家具品牌 Doimo 的天才之作。 Doimo 因为其知名的手工艺、前瞻性的设计、超越趋势永恒的美感而被精选为 Tangram 的工匠品牌。
他们尤其注重细节、空间以及和谐的设计,带给您时尚和实用完美结合的家。 Doimo 是一个为绝对特别的家致力贡献的真正独特合作夥伴。
Artist Rendering

Elevating Culinary Moments at Home


Our bespoke design by Jean Neukomm features customized Italian cabinetry from Doimo, Italian stone countertops and backsplash, and customized faucets and stainless steel sinks. We proudly use top German- designed Miele kitchen appliances in all of our kitchens, chosen for both superior design and performance.

独家定制的顶级豪宅厨房由 Jean-Gabriel Neukomm 设计,包含Doimo定制意大利橱柜。手选意大利精美的石材台面和后挡板的美感更加强调凸显定制的水龙头和不锈钢水槽。厨房采用顶级德国设计的美诺 (Miele) 厨房电器,选择了既具有优良设计,又实用的性能。

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In Comfort


Italian stone vanity tops, custom-designed medicine cabinets, and carefully selected accessories create a look of understated luxury in your own personal sanctuary. Master bathrooms feature separate glass enclosed walk-in showers, premium Kaldewei tubs, and premium Toto washlet toilets and double vanities.

意大利的洗手盆台面和订制的水龙头是精心挑选且低调奢华的配饰,打造符合您个人气质的空间。除了优雅的浸泡式浴缸,主卧浴室配有独立的玻璃步入式淋浴间,意大利上等磁砖墙面和地面瓷砖。每个主卫配有Toto 智能马桶和两个面盆,以及独家定制的照明设备。

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A New Vision For Living

Furnished Studio


Our studios reflect a new, trend-forward way of designed living that makes the most of every element. A stylish choice for both a full-time residence or a pied-à-terre, our signature fully-furnished studios showcase our commitment to clever design. Every studio features millwork pieces such as built-in bookshelves, a queen bed with custom headboard and a pull-out dining table, dividing the space in elegant, thoughtful ways, maximizing a sense of privacy. With ample storage and no area unused, the studios at Tangram House are a perfect example of smart city living.

精装修单间公寓在每个元素中的设计反映出一个新颖流行的生活方式。这不仅为自住用户,更是给短期住宿的住户一个时尚的选择。我们经典的精装修单间公寓展示出我们对智能设计的承诺,每个单间公寓配有木制家具,比如内置书架,一张订制床头的双人床和折叠式餐桌。用这样优雅、体贴的方式来划分空间,做到独立空间的最大化。充足的存储空间和高空间的利用率, Tangram House 的单间公寓成为智能城市生活的最完美典范。


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